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The Return of MooNiE! sign-language

MooNiE is back! Silent, outrageous and unpredictable. He doesn’t talk in his show because he can’t, he just doesn’t have anything to say! The results are hilarious and  provocative as he literally brings the show into the audience and the audience into  the show. Juggler, Ropewalker, Foolish Mortal says it all!


Manly Men in Tights sign-language

Laughter, Steel and Sex Appeal! One of the most successful shows in Renaissance Faire History. Creator Michael Cawelti brings back this merry spectacle to the Northern California Renaissance Faire. You won’t want to miss this silly, swashbuckling, testosterone-fueled romp, where the audience gets into the act, and the laughs are non-stop!



Dirty Laundry sign-language

Wet dirty women and good clean fun is what this show is all about. These hilarious and lively wenches are here to teach the unsuspecting a thing or two about cleaning up their acts and how to dish dirt with the best of them.



The Queen’s Royal Reception sign-language

The village dignitaries have been planning for Her Majesty’s arrival. The Lord Mayor, his wife and their Master of Ceremonies, William Shakespeare, have prepared the entire village for this important occasion. It becomes apparent that the Queen’s courtiers have more pressing matters in mind as marriage negotiations have reached a climax. The Duke of Alençon and his Ambassador have arrived from France to try to speed the process steal the Queen’s heart.



Broon sign-language

With a wit drier than the Sahara, Broon will leave you smirking and giggling throughout the day. It’s been concluded for some time that Broon doesn’t eat fire to impress the crowds, he just likes the taste of the kerosene. A regular headliner on the national faire circuit, Broon is a crowd favorite. Recommended attire: straight jackets.


Taming of the Shrew – Abridged sign-language

This version of Shakespeare’s classic comedy starts at the marriage  of the Doges’ eldest daughter Katharina to the arrogant Petruchio. Katharina’s younger sister Bianca is excited as she may finally be allowed to choose a suitor of her own. Petruchio may have met his match in the strong and willful Katharina. Will Katharina or Petruchio be the one tamed in this classic Italian comedy?



The Lord Mayor’s Pageant sign-language

Comedy abounds when he loveable locals of Willingtown prepare one of Shakespeare’s controversial pageants for Her Majesty’s arrival. All are distracted as an election breaks out for the coveted role of President…of the Harvest Faire.


Merry Wives of Windsor

Windsor’s distinctive tight-harmony sound is surpassed only by their comic charm and lively, engaging performance style. Join these singing serving wenches of Windsor’s Tavern as they sing about their favorite subjects, beer and men!At the Dockside Alley, 21 and over stage.



 The Sea Dogs

What do you do with a drunken sailor? These legendary masters of maritime music answer that age old question in song. Fill your tankard and come and sing along. Some deem them pirates and some call them sailors, we just call them fun.



The Willy Nilly Show – Romeo & Juliet sign-language

One man, two star crossed lovers…Experience Shakespeare’s most famous tale told by an idiot playing all the roles. Don’t miss this fast-paced farce that’s filled with interactive hilarity.


The Mermaid Tavern

Adults 21 and over, grab an ale and sit a spell while the notorious and naughty Mermaids of this questionable tavern share their musical tales of mischief and mayhem. Lock up your wallet and your hearts. Chances are, they’ll steal one or the other. At the Dockside Alley, 21 and over stage.



As their name suggests, full of magic and secrets, these musicians and dancers will surely entrance you with a powerful set of passionate expression. 

Come relax at Jazla’s Coffeehouse and enjoy magical music and beautiful dancers in a relaxed atmosphere.



Pye Powder Court

The longest running show on the Renaisssance Faire circuit. The Mongers Guild brings the bawdiest and most outrageous court of all time to the stage once a day. Peasants, Puritans and sinners alike come together and demand JUSTICE!

Performing on the Salty Siren Stage in the Dockside Alley 21+ Area.



Naughty Minstrels

Join your favorite Poets and Minstrels: Kit Marlowe, Ben Jonson, Thomas Kyd and more as they share lyrical tales of romance, adventure and gold! These colorful poets and players present a surprised filled romp of bawdy music and wit-filled comedy that is guaranteed to have you laughing, clapping, and singing along before they reach that ultimate conclusion: a Happy Ending…



Pipe and Bowl Morris and Country Dancers

Keeping alive the roots of Renaissance culture, The Pipe and Bowl Dancers take to the stage and the streets performing classic Morris Dances with bells and scarves along with traditional English country dancing as well. They are always happy to teach a dance for those that wish to learn. Performing Sept 17,18, 24, 25 only.



 Mad Jack and Kate

Bring your family to a place of fairytales & fantasy where your little ones will be part of the story. 
Tales of knights, magic & love will enrapture all ages. Cheer the hero, boo the villain, gasp at the suspense & laugh your heart out as you are swept away into a land of make-believe by The Storytelling Adventures of Mad Jack & Kate.



The Magic of Bosch the Conjurer

Hieronimus Bosch, The Conjurer brings the world of Magic to children of every age on the Storybook Stage. From simple tricks to grand illusion, thou shalt find these moments of mystery a delight to be remembered for times to come. Bring thy camera-obscura.


A Fairy’s Tale

Come set a spell at the Storybook Stage with Willingtown’s Fairy Godmother as she weaves stories to delight and ignite the imagination. Children of all ages are invited to come hear of dragons and knights, fairies and princesses and more.



Siamsa La Cheile

These lively lads and lasses will capture your hearts with their traditional Celtic dancing and music. These dances have grown in popularity in recent years and are performed in their original style and costuming. This is a a great show for the whole family.

Performing October 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th



No Parchment Needed Improv Troupe

This troupe of traveling actors have arrived all set to perform, but they have forgotten one important ingredient – their scripts! They’ll come to the audience for suggestions to help drive their short form improv into hilarity. All content is based on audience suggestions, so no two shows will ever be the same!




This traveling band of young musicians bring to live the traditional folk music and haunting ballads of Galicia and Western Espana.



Barley Bane

What do you get when three Irish outlaws and a Spanish gigolo walk into a bar? Barley Bane! Singing their songs of ales both dark and light while telling their tales of black and blue these notorious ne’er do wells are some of England’s Most Wanted! On the Salty Siren Stage (21 and over stage)



Equine Show

The Royal Equine Guild proudly presents their fine collection of horses. During their daily shows they will be featuring the Gypsy Horse and the American Gypsy Horse Breed Association.



Last Call

Come set a spell with the residents of Willingtown as they ring out the day in song. The Sea Dogs, The Naughty Minstrels and friends share laughter, ale and songs of revelry.