Guest Artists

Come visit your favorite artisans!

Week 1, September 17th & 18th:

Oso Forge
1st and 2nd weekend

Crofter’s Daughter Feltworks
Crofter’s Daughter on Etsy

Indigo Lights

www.oakenfoot .com
Etsy Store: Oakenfoot

Rags and Bones
1st and 2nd weekend

Week 2, September 24th & 25th:

Mos Vestis Intentio

Never Forgotten Fantasy

Washburn Woodcuts/ Celtic on Cloth
2nd, 3rd and 4th weekends


Week 3, October 1st & 2nd:

AutumnSky Adornments

Sun Leather and
3rd and 4th weekends

Starling Watch


Week 4, October 8th & 9th:


Marancy M Bags

Agate Road
4th and 5th weekends

Bawdy Braids
4th and 5th weekends


Week 5, October 15th & 16th:

Ashes of Arcadia

Dreamsinger Harps

Bohemian Hollow

Diva Dreads and