Theme Weekends

Opening Weekend

Come enjoy the opening of the Faire!

Pirate Invasion
Beware of pirates invading the village of Willingtown. The Queen’s Royal Guardsmen are on the look out for pillaging Privateers and ne’er do well seafarers. Children 7 and under can meet the Queen in our annual wee pirate costume contest.

Wee Pirate Contest!
Pirates, ages 7 and under, may enter at the Centre Stage in the Food Court.

Royal Masquerade
Wear your grandest mask or have your mask painted on by our magical face painters. In the spirit of the grand Masque galas hosted by the royal palace, this weekend is a Celebration of color and mystery. Enter our contest for the finest mask and be presented to the Queen. Times and details to be determined.

The Saint Hubertus German Mercenaries and their camp followers have arrived in the village to meet with the Queen. Kick off the Harvest season and raise a mug of Willingtown ale along side of them as they celebrate Oktoberfest.

Fantasy Forever
Join the fun and find your fantasy in our lively, little village as we welcome curious creatures and fantastical folk born from the imaginations of our guests. From ancient mystical creatures to Shakespearean fairies to futuristic time travelers, all are welcome.

Fantasy Costume Contest, Saturday!
Adults and children can register at the Centre Stage in the Food Court and be presented to the Queen. Times and details to be determined.