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dowdallsOver the years we’ve taken many great shots of the faire to give a broad view of Willingtown and its citizens. From colorful peasants to Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, you’ll find all sorts of characters in these photos. Galleries are organized by year and located on our Facebook page.

Photographs on this site graciously provided by Jim and Samantha Dowdall, official photographers of the Northern California Renaissance Faire.


Additional photographs by: Rosemary Guglielmelli, Howard Gold, and Richard Lowe.


Commercial photography and filming activities are conducted at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. You may appear in the resulting pictures or films. These pictures or films may be used in connection with advertising, news reporting, entertainment or other activities. Entry into the Faire and/or purchase of an admission ticket constitutes your consent for the Northern California Renaissance Faire to use a picture or film of you without payment in any manner or purpose.